Creative Ways to Distribute Promotional Bookmarks

Short and sweet tips for authors on how to promote their books with a low budget.
Creative Ways to Distribute Promotional Bookmarks
June 2, 2014

bookmarksWe just got our bookmarks for “Mystical Emona.” Splendid image. Great quotes.
Now what? How can we get them to the people we would like to reach and promote our book?
I was talking to my daughter. She is a bookworm. She gave me some good ideas. Here are a few I would like to share:

1.       Check the events at local bookstore. If they have one in your genre, go there and hand out your bookmarks. These are the people who may like your book.

2.        Check local libraries and see if you can drop some of your wonderful bookmarks off there.

3.       Don’t forget the second-hand bookstores. A lot of readers go there looking for bargains.

4.       Gift Books – Give a copy of your book to friends and family members who like books. Put some of your bookmarks inside the book.

5.       Leave some on a commuter rail station. A lot of people like to read on their way to their job and may be looking for a good book.

Please share your ideas. How and where you are distributing your bookmarks?

Yours fellow authors : Rebecca & Anelia