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5.0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars A Story to Touch the Hardest Heart, January 11, 2015

Set in a timeless village by the Black Sea, Mystical Emona tells a tale of a love that has spanned centuries and seeks realisation once more in this present time. The quaint little town sits easily alongside the legends and myths that have grown with it over the centuries and its inhabitants have no inhibitions in publicly proclaiming their beliefs. New arrival Stephan is initially amused by the odd customs he sees, the tales he hears, but he is soon to be brought into the very heart of a wondrous world that captures his imagination, his heart, his very life. It is a world where fabled animals roam, where moonbeam-clad faeries dance in the glades, where light-winged dryads of the trees sing of summer and joy.I know little of fantasy. It is not a genre that I would normally read. It is not a landscape that my mind tends to inhabit. But I would guess that the imagination that creates such a fabulous world must equally seek to describe it in language that goes beyond the mundane into the ethereal, the mystical, the poetic. And so it is with Mystical Emona. The mythological world that leaps from the pages is made all the more mythic by the poetic nature of the writing.

The difficulty with true poetry, however, is that it requires restraint. Lyricism must be precise, delicate; it must not be allowed to become fulsome or overly ornate. It is here that the writer’s enemy is the `adjective’. It seems churlish to offer a criticism of a book that is so beautifully written but sometimes in their pursuit of lyrical perfection, the writers of Mystical Emona succumb to excessive use of adjectives, even double adjectives. It’s a small point but adjectival overkill can also hint at performance anxiety, as if precision in writing would not be enough to ensure that the reader grasps the intended meaning.

But it is their enthusiasm to bring colour, atmosphere and enchantment to their tale that drives the authors and the lyrical passages are integral to the magical aura that pervades the story. It is a lyricism that enhances and makes more real the wondrous manner in which modern Bulgaria is enabled to sit easily beside the ancient land of the samodivi. It is a language that subtly opens the reader’s mind to the existence of a dreamland beyond the normal. It is a poetry that helps the reader accept unquestioningly the strange inevitability of a burgeoning romance in the modern village of Emona superimposing itself upon another love story that is aeons old.

This is not my normal reading fare at all but I loved this book and I am suddenly sensing what it is that makes fantasy such a popular genre. I loved the story. I loved the characters, each a real and breathing person with depth and individuality. I loved Carina’s struggle to bring Stephan to the realisation of who he really is. Most of all, I enjoyed the magnetic allure that this mystical landscape exercised upon my own imagination and spirit, drawing me into the very heart of its legendary essence.

This is a book that will not let the reader down. Aficionados of fantasy will love it; indeed, anyone with a heart who can empathise with love, loss, and renewed hope will love it as well. A well-crafted story, filled with magic, mystery, passion and wonder, Mystical Emona is book that will let no one down.

Brilliantly written, September 12, 2014
By Christopher
This review is from: Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey (Kindle Edition)
This isn’t normally the kind of book I would normally read. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to give Mystical Emona a chance. This is a beautifully crated, well written, and rich book. The love story isn’t hammy, and the characters are very believable. There are some heartbreaking moments that I felt were handled very well. Most of all, I love that there is a little bit of historical elements in this book, namely the stuff set in ancient Thrace. A history buff myself, it isn’t often i get the chance to read things about Thrace that don’t involve Spartacus. Major props to the writer for creating this wonderful tale.
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Mystical Emona is a website devoted to a series of books called Mystical Emona a modern fairy tell,  inspired by Thracian legends and tales. The book is your journey to the culture and traditions of the old Thracians survived thousands of years and been practice until today in Europe.

Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey- Book One

Travel to the world of the Balkans with Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey and discover the secret lives of samodivi (veelas). You’ve met these wondrous, mysterious creatures in different books. Now let Mystical Emona introduce you to samodivi (samovili, veelas) as legend portrays them.


Book Trailer music was created by the talented Alex Stoyanov- Bulgarian Jazz musician and composer. He studied classical and jazz music at the Bulgarian academy of music and later received a music degree from Berklee College of Music. He is currently playing and composing in Boston, MA. To learn more about Alex visit his web page:

Village of Emona is famous for being the legendary birthplace of Thracian king Rhesus, who fought in the Trojan War. According to Homer’s Iliad, he was killed by Odysseus and Diomedes.

Do you know where is Thrace and where was Thrace?
Thrace is a historical and geographic area in southeast Europe, centered on the modern borders of Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.
The indigenous population of Thrace was a people called the Thracians, divided into numerous tribal groups. (source Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)



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