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A powerful debut novel a modern tale of love and revenge where past, present & future come together

Travel to the world of the Balkans with Mystical Emona: Soul’s Journey and discover the secret lives of samovili (Veelas). You’ve met these wondrous, mysterious creatures in different books. Now let Mystical Emona introduce you to samovili as legend portrays them.

Carina, the most enchanting maiden in all of Thrace, is ravished on her wedding day her ring cursed. It will bring happiness to none but her. The curse will be broken only when the ring guides her true love back to her. Every spring she goes to “the other side of the moon” to await the return of her soul mate. After centuries, the ring flashes like a beacon to guide a handsome man named Stefan to Emona.

Stefan is a widowed artist from Boston, Mass, with a young daughter. He hopes moving to a secluded village on the Black Sea coast will ease his pain, and the wild, untamed beauty of this surrounding will inspire him to take up his art once again. He meets a mysterious woman and his life changes. He is drawn to her by some unknown bond, but cannot give his heart to her fully because his memories refuse to release their hold on him. Then the dreams begin. Some delightful. Others terrifying. Take the journey to Mystical Emona and find out if the lovers reunite. The book is sure to enchant you with its perfect blend of history, legends, rituals, and romance.

“The hypnotizing spell of Emona is sure to please any avid reader as the story unfolds to reveal a nicely bound ending. What’s not to love about a novel that has a little of everything, from conflicts and love to tragedy and despair.”

“Mystical Emona” is a tapestry of love, mystery, and healing. Readers will be taken on a journey to the mystical village of Emona where Samodivi live. They will discover and learn about the magical healing power of herbs picked under moonlight from these mythological creatures. The story will introduce readers to ancient beliefs and traditions. They will meet Sultana, a healer who can cure not only a person’s body but also his soul, and make him feel secure and comfortable in her little warm cottage. The book has a sacred healing power that is woven into the story by the masterful skill of the author. “Mystical Emona” was presented at Boston University in October 2014 and has been well received by readers on Amazon:




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