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Making Your Book a Bestseller

Authors have to (MUST) spend as much time marketing their books as writing them.

Use the time between submission of your manuscript and the actual publication of the book to market the book and build a community of potential readers.

bulgarian_voices1Beyond including hard data in the book, include personal stories to connect with your readers.

Traditional bookstore appearances and signings can be expensive and don’t work as well as getting sponsors to buy your book in bulk in return for a free speech.

Good luck and don’t be discouraged! Persistence, collaboration, passion and hard work!

Ronesa Aveela

Bookmarks-Old School but still a good tool to market your books

Bookmarks-Old School but still a good tool to market your books
May 11, 2014



Children‘s Books: Many schools host book fairs during the school year. If your local school is anything like mine, these fairs draw large crowds.This got me thinking about a simple, inexpensive, yet effective marketing idea.Create fun, interesting bookmarks that include your website and book information. Give them as gifts to the schools to use during the book fairs.Want to take it up a notch? Put together bags with your books for the teachers or donate some of your book tothe school library.While you’re at it, drop off your awesome new bookmarks to the local library. They’ll love it.

Adults Books: Create fun, interesting bookmarks, then drop off a bunch of your awesome new bookmarks to the local library.Have fun and take advantage of this inexpensive marketing tool. Your readers are not only online, but they‘re going to get books from the library.Please share your tips. We would love to hear from you.